DANLERS launch Wirepas Mesh networking controls range

UK manufacturer, DANLERS Limited offer a new range of lighting controls featuring mesh based wireless connectivity.

Wirepas Mesh (WM) is a unique decentralized wireless communication protocol enabling Industrial IoT networking at an unprecedented scale, flexibility and reliability – minimizing and optimizing energy usage with the added benefit of providing real time data analytics. These characteristics are well suited when lighting is deployed as an IoT platform in addition to wireless lighting control.

All DANLERS WM sensors with daylight control communicate wirelessly using the Wirepas Mesh technology to form a mesh network built on standard Bluetooth chips. The DANLERS WM range provides essential building blocks to create effective energy saving solutions such as occupancy control and light level control. Photocell settings, time out, override settings etc. are fully configurable while each device has integral intelligence enabling localised decision making while cooperating with the network.

All Wirepas empowered controls operate as a distributed mesh network with no central controller and no single point of failure. This means that the networks, which can consist of an unlimited number of nodes, are self-healing and constantly optimizing performance. This happens link-by-link taking into account local radio conditions, so that if any device (node) goes offline it will connect to others when it comes back online.

Tel: +44 (0)1249 443377

Email: wirepas@danlers.co.uk



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