Dalkia provide sterling service

Dalkia has been awarded a new three year operation and maintenance contract at the University of Stirling.
The new contract follows 14 months of working on site by Dalkia, and transfers responsibility to the company for the two main boiler houses and thirty other boilers that serve the university facilities.
The central function of the new contract is to provide the operation and maintenance associated with the energy plant that supplies hot water and heating to the campus and student accommodation.  The university boasts about 2000 on-campus residential places, 1500 of which are supplied by the Dalkia maintained energy plant. 
In addition to the teaching facilities, offices and student accommodation, the plant will also deliver heat and hot water to the University Library, the 24 hour computer labs, the MacRobert Arts Centre, the campus theatre, cinema, bars, nightclub, and sports facilities which include the National Swimming Academy with its 50 metre pool and the National Tennis Centre.
An on-going improvement programme will assess the possibility of upgrading the controls for the system and two Low Temperature Hot Water boilers in use on campus.  Dalkia’s provision of this service is intended to allow the University Estate team to focus on other areas of the campus and on new projects
Underpinning the success of this contract is the provision of a Customer Service Centre, providing a 24 hour point of contact for the University of Stirling.  This state-of-the-art centre maintains remote monitoring and controls for the plant and services, ensuring potential problems can be dealt with before they fully develop.

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