Daikin raises the bar

Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd has upped its commitment to address the current and future environmental regulations affecting the air conditioning industry by launching its new VRVIII Heat Recovery system.
Building on the success of Daikin’s VRVIII Heat Pump and Cooling only models launched in 2006, the new VRVIII Heat Recovery system features a number of industry firsts. This includes continuous heating during the defrost cycle and new brazed connections for the condensing unit and the branch selector box for refrigerant containment.

Offering end-users a 14% average increase in efficiency across the range compared to Daikin’s existing VRVII model, VRVIII Heat Recovery achieves COPs and EERs of up to 4.3 and 4.1 respectively. Not only does this meet and exceed energy efficiency targets set out by the Government in Part L of the Building Regulations, but it also goes beyond the current criteria set for ECA qualification.

VRVIII Heat Recovery includes a number of other industry leading features. Whilst other VRF systems for example stop operating in the defrost mode, VRVIII comprises two heat exchangers in the outdoor unit. This enables the system to defrost each heat exchanger separately.

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