Daikin launches replacement VRV-Q

The new Daikin VRV-Q system represents an innovative and highly cost effective upgrade for VRV systems still operating on shortly to be banned R-22 refrigerant. 

Scheduled for introduction to the market from February 2010, the Daikin replacement VRV-Q comes in nine heat pump and heat recovery models with capacities between 5 and 30HP and offers drastically increased efficiencies and hence, reduced energy consumption.

Under EU legislation, a total ban on the use of R-22 will come into force in 2015 but prior to that, the use of virgin R-22 is also banned from January 2010. Clearly, from then on, supplies of R-22 will become increasingly scarce and consequently more expensive and the growing lack in its availability will restrict certain maintenance operation such as compressor replacement with the attendant risk of longer down times.

Current users of R-22 VRV systems are therefore, faced with the dilemma of doing nothing or installing complete new systems in place of their still operational equipment with their associated full installation costs. The advent of Daikin’s new VRV-Q however, offers these users a technically secure and cost effective option to upgrade.


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