Daikin launches first R32 air to water heat pump

Daikin Applied has launched the UK’s first air to water heat pump range using R-32 refrigerant.
The new heat pump series features models offering heating capacities from 80 kW right up to 670 kW completes the Daikin ‘Bluevolution’ range of products – all of which are available with R-32 refrigerant in cooling-only and free cooling modes.
R-32 is an increasingly popular option for specifiers as it has a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 675, which is only one third of the commonly used refrigerant R-410A. This is in line with Daikin Applied’s philosophy of working to continually reduce the environmental impact of cooling, heating and refrigeration products built on its expertise as a manufacturer of both refrigerants and equipment.
Daikin Applied was the first company in the world to introduce R-32 into split air conditioners in 2012, and has since expanded the range to include commercial air conditioners and heat pumps. As of June last year, it had sold over 84 million R-32 units in more than 70 countries.
R-32 falls into the refrigerant class A2L as it also has low flammability characteristics making it safe for use in a wide range of applications including chilled water systems. As a single component refrigerant, R-32 is also easier to reclaim and reuse, which is another environmental factor in its favour.
Daikin believes in offering the heating and cooling markets a wide choice of refrigerants to meet specific project needs and, therefore, continues to offer products optimised for fluorinated (HFC, HFO) gases as well as non-fluorinated alternatives (ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons). This allows specifiers and engineers the freedom to design the most appropriate solution for each application.
The new Daikin R-32 heat pump series will be available in two efficiency versions (Silver and Gold), which can be combined with three acoustic configurations (Standard, Low and Reduced) providing full customisation to meet project-specific requirements.
A key focus for the designers of the Bluevolution heat pump units was reducing running costs by achieving an impressive coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 3.5 at nominal conditions along with a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of up to 4.7 in cooling mode and 3.9 for heating.
The R-32 series is also fully compatible with the Daikin on Site cloud-based platform, which provides remote monitoring, system optimisation and preventive maintenance for the long-term benefit and peace of mind of the end user.
It also comes with Master/Slave functionality as standard, allowing the controls system to manage up to four units without the need for external control devices.
For more complex installations, such as a higher number of units, peripheral controls etc., Daikin can offer an Intelligent Chiller Manager option. This allows energy optimisation of the system and, when necessary, full customisation of the controls for a specific installation.

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