Daikin boosts room temperatures

Daikin Europe NV has introduced a new air to air heat pump system for heating and cooling residential premises and small offices. Designated Nexura FVXG, the system comes in three sizes with heating capacities from 4.5 to 8.1kW and cooling capacities from 3.0 to 5.6kW.

Stylishly finished in white, the indoor unit is fitted with a unique front panel that heats up like a conventional radiator and releases warm air into the room at a reduced and even flow for added comfort. This innovative feature, of particular value during cold snaps, can be activated at the touch of a radiant button on the easy to use remote controller.

Operating noise is low at 22dBa in normal operating mode and just 19dBA in radiant mode. As a comparison, the ambient sound in a generally quiet room is on average about 40dBA.

Operational flexibility is ensured by the controller’s built-in weekly timer, which allows a seven day schedule to be programmed with four different actions per day.

Nexura has a COP of 4+ and can be used either in single room format or in multiple room format.


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