Cyclone water filter

A new generation of filter to remove suspended matter from water supplies is now available from Kamco. Rust, scale, sand, and earth particles greater than 90 micron are removed from water supplies whether they are cooling systems, wells, or bore-holes.

The green tinted bowl allows easy visual monitoring of collected debris, which can then be simply flushed away by rotating a knob at the base of the unit. This quick and easy form of maintenance is a distinct advantage over those filters which have to be dismantled and washed.

A special rotating inlet connector allows the Cyclone to be installed in horizontal or vertical pipe work, giving greater flexibility in where it may be located, with water flow from any direction. It is simple and compact, and does not require any power supply.

Conventional filters and cartridges are prone to regular clogging of the filter surfaces, requiring frequent disassembly, washing and cleaning of the cartridge to maintain water flow quality and output, but the Cyclone has been optimised to handle this type of problem with ease.

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