Cutting time and costs

Stokvis has launched Modupak, an extremely versatile prefabricated package comprising up to five skid-mounted 120kW condensing boilers.

The innovative Modupak unit, which can supply up to 600kW of heat (or versions from 45kW up to 600kW), is based on the Stokvis Econoflame R30 high efficiency condensing boiler which offers full modulation and ultra low NOx emissions.

As well as extremely compact R30 gas-fired boilers, Modupak units also incorporate low velocity headers, pumps and controls and can include a plate heat exchanger and pressurisation set, all housed in a portable skid unit.

Pipework is preassembled and supplied in kit form for simple, fast and highly cost effective on-site installation.

Because Modupak is prefabricated in factory-controlled conditions, installation time is cut in half, quality and reliability are guaranteed, and fit out services can be synchronised, considerably reducing costly delays.

Factory prefabrication also means that site losses through pilfering are cut, and the installation process is highly predictable and therefore easy to plan.

Finally, because prefabrication cuts on-site time, the risks associated with accidents and product damage are dramatically reduced.

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