Cut those costs with Cetus

With firms and municipalities finding their budgets frozen the introduction of Cetus could hardly be more timely. For Thorn’s brilliant new compact fluorescent downlight is inexpensive to buy, and enjoys low installation and running costs.

Cetus offers contractors an easy-to-install and timesaving solution. Pre-installed spring mounting clips, lamp(s), screwless connection blocks and integrated strain relief are provided for direct tool-free fixing. With this unit, the amount of installation time is reduced to almost half that required in conventional downlights.

With users demanding ever-slimmer products Cetus combines a horizontal lamp optic (LOR >55% with low glare UGR 19/22) with a linear gear housing for a recessed depth of only 110mm. The range comes in one size (230mm Ø) and covers single and twin lamp versions in 18W or 26W ratings. Attachments include a tri-vane louvre and IP44 cover.

Remember too, that the range is available with high frequency and emergency options. Cetus now represents the best value downlight solution for offices, shopping centres, corridors, building entrances etc.

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