Cut energy and maintenance costs

The new LED High-Bay luminaire from Cooper Lighting has been designed to provide major reductions in both energy consumption and maintenance requirements, as well as a number of other significant benefits when compared with traditional HID luminaires.

Utilising multi-die LED chip array technology, the new luminaire achieves a low power consumption of just 142W, resulting in energy savings of 65% when used in place of a 400W metal-halide luminaire.

LED High-Bay delivers instant white light with no restrike or run-up delay, and it offers a long service life free from the need for lamp changes. Its ability to operate at temperatures down to -30°C makes it ideal for use in cold stores, though it is equally suitable for general high-bay applications in ambient temperatures up to +30°C.

Comprising an IP65-sealed head unit and a remote IP20 gear box, the luminaire enables light output to be adjusted through separate switching or dimming of the LED arrays, with performance optimised by a choice of lens and reflector designs to suit racking aisles or open areas. Unlike HID luminaires, LED High-Bay can also be specified with an integrated three hour maintained emergency option.


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