Culligan launch high efficiency filters

Culligan UK Ltd has launched a new range of high efficiency filters. Forming part of Culligan’s Matrix Solutions range, the UF, UR, UU and UFP filters offer maximum water filtering capacity, stability and long life.

The high efficiency (HE) filters with patented technology deliver improved efficiency by reducing contaminants that affect equipment performance and durability.

Culligan’s HE Filter range is available in four different media types, designed for a range of water quality challenges. These include; removing suspended solids, dealing with contaminants that cause water to discolour or smell and taste unpleasant, neutralising acidic water and dealing with water contaminated with iron or manganese.

The Culligan Smart Controller allows water treatment systems across the Culligan Matrix Solutions Range (which includes softeners, filters, reverse osmosis etc) to be simply integrated, connected and controlled without the need for expensive and complexPLCcontrols.

Customers can easily set up a single or multiple tanks system that automatically adjusts to flow demands. They can also monitor their water treatment system performance, consumable usage and maintenance needs, at a single site or across multiple ones 24 hours a day.

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