Critical protection for datacentre

Chloride 90-NET uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and remote monitoring services have recently been employed to provide critical power protection for IXEurope’s newest datacentre at Park Royal, London.

IXEurope, one of the fastest growing datacentre service companies in Europe, operates eleven mission critical IXDatacentres in four European countries and already has Chloride power protection at two other UK sites as well as at its facilities across Europe.

Chloride has supplied two 500kVA and four 600kVA 90-NET UPS units for Park Royal, to protect a datacentre built to a power density of 1200Wm2 with multiple fibre optic connectivity from BT, COLT and MCI. The 90-NET UPS features Vector, Chloride’s digital control system, which enables all overloads, frequency variations, transient disturbances, brief interruptions and blackouts to be eliminated in real time. This digital processing of signals is 10 times quicker than analogue methods and is at the forefront of technology for protecting mission critical loads.

IXEurope’s back-up power systems are being continuously monitored through Chloride’s industry-leading remote monitoring and diagnostics tool. This advanced performance monitoring of the installed UPS systems, and the quality of the mains supply, provides real-time diagnosis of more than 100 separate parameters. It is an essential requirement for maintaining high power availability, as any anomalies are immediately identified and remedial action triggered. is hugely beneficial to facilities managers as it means Chloride effectively takes responsibility for the health of the UPS.

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