Crane Fluid Systems launches new TCV

Crane Fluid Systems has launched a new range of Thermal Circulation Valves (TCVs), designed for use in domestic hot water systems to help kill Legionella bacteria which causes the deadly Legionnaires disease.

The TCV range is WRAS approved and available in sizes DN15 low flow and DN15 & DN20 standard flow. The valve is compact and includes an isolation valve, thermometer access point and a settable temperature sensing cartridge which is pre-set at a standard 57°C.

The installation of a TCV into hot water systems ensures that the water is maintained at a temperature that Legionella cannot survive in. The new TCV range aids self-balancing and thermostatically controlled regulation of water flow and thermal disinfection. This type of thermal circulation also reduces commissioning time and therefore cost too.

Sizing and selection of TCVs is very important and Crane Fluid Systems offer a comprehensive and free service to ensure that the appropriate size is chosen.

There is a legal requirement for designers and installers of domestic hot water systems to consider the risk of Legionella – the new Crane Fluid Systems’ TCV will assist in achieving this.


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