CP provides precise control

The new MWS7 long range aisle sensor from CP Electronics provides precise, reliable, occupancy-based control of lighting in areas such as warehouse aisles, where other sensors are prone to false triggering. It also incorporates an integral photocell for combined occupancy/lux level control.

Highly configurable, the MWS7 uses microwave technology that can be precisely adjusted to the length of the target area, with a range of up to 25m, allowing the aisle occupancy in the aisle to be detected without picking up on adjoining access corridors. It is also immune to nearby vibration, while retaining a high level of sensitivity. Unlike many sensors, detection accuracy is not dependent on target size or material.

The MWS7 is fully compatible with common lighting interfaces such as DSI/DALI, and offers a number of control options to suit the exact needs of the space. For example, occupancy switching can be overridden by either the internal lux sensor, or an external lux sensor, to ensure lighting is triggered only when required. In the case of dimmable light sources, lamps can be dimmed rather than switching off to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.

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