CP Electronics launch new range of Casambi wireless detectors – offering more than just quality detection

CP Electronics is launching a new range of PIR presence detectors that provide a wireless solution for a variety of applications, all utilising Casambi technology. With the launch of these wireless PIR presence detectors, CP Electronics will deliver added value to Casambi wireless mesh systems, as the detectors also incorporate relay and DALI output control, as well as presence and lux sensing.

Casambi provides state-of-the-art wireless technology that enables smartphones, tablets and even smart watches to become lighting controllers. This lighting control technology is integrated into luminaires and control devices to create a highly functional wireless lighting control solution with minimal cost and installation effort. The distributed and symmetric architecture allows any unit to go offline and catch up from others when they return back online.  This control solution is powered through the Casambi App on iOS and Android devices, with a simple user interface so that anyone, regardless of technical proficiency, can use it.

The CP Electronics Casambi series of detectors incorporate smart automatic joining to mesh network on power up; thus removing single point of network failure, plus rugged de-centralised control, full flexibility to group or re-group and configure advance daylight and occupancy and time control regimes. All of the sensors provide an output of relay and DALI dimming which means they can convert general wired lighting fixtures into wireless smart fixtures.  The new wireless PIR presence detector range also carries a full 5 year warranty.

Further information on this new range can be found on the CP Electronics website https://www.cpelectronics.co.uk/energy-saving-products/wireless-lighting-control/casambi

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