CP Electronics halves project time of Ark Byron Primary Academy’s new school

Due to a successful partnership with Rawfield M & E, Ridings Consulting Engineers, Eco Modular Buildings and CP Electronics, a school in North London has utilised modular plug and play electrical lighting installations to help half its construction time from 6 months to 3 months.

Ark Byron Primary Academy has built a new school to increase capacity. CP Electronics was called upon to provide a speedy delivery that complied with ESFA requirements. A key requirement was for a system that could be installed during the off-site construction stage, to speed up the overall build time.

The work required extensive application of the Vitesse Plus and Vitesse Modular product ranges which are easily self-commissioned and incredibly simple to fit. It was chosen as a quick and cost-effective way to provide schools with a solution to their lighting needs, impacting construction as little as possible.

A key advantage of these products during this construction was that it saved the contractor a significant amount of labour costs; with these products very little challenges are experienced by electricians during installation. In simple terms, more lights can be installed in a shorter space of time. Also, being installed off site with the modular contractor allowed for work to be swift and specifications to be complied with.

The Ark Byron collaborative project shows how the education sector can cut costs during refurbishments and new builds whilst simultaneously limiting impact on pupils’ education throughout the building work.

The scheme was so successful that the government is introducing this collaborative way of working and similar building guarantees into other construction lines in different departments – these include the Ministry of Justice, Department of Health and Lord Chancellor’s Office.

Martyn Frear, SBDM at CP Electronics said: “We have worked alongside these three companies before on many occasions, it is a true partnership which ensures success on every project. The labour cost savings as well as installation simplicity has meant that we delivered a project 3 months earlier than originally planned – fantastic news!”

“We look forward to welcoming the pupils back to their first full academic year in their innovative new building in September!”

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