CP Electronics get modular wiring solutions down to a tee

CP Electronics, the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of energy-saving lighting controls, has launched a modular wiring solution which features a complete pluggable system, allowing for the configuration of any lighting installation in minimal time.

Market forces within the construction industry require installers to become increasingly competitive in terms of cost and time. In response to this demand, CP Electronics has delivered a solution which is simple to install, as it uses just four components: tee modules, extender leads, luminare leads and connectors.

Using an industry standard GST connection, the solution offers full compatibility with all luminaires with connectors of this type, as well as CP Electronics’ existing range of lighting control module (LCM) based-systems including Vitesse Modular, Vitesse Plus and RAPID. As a result, the specification and installation processes are both vastly simplified and shortened, saving considerable time and cost.

The VITM6 tee module is a 6 pole component used to provide a simple interlinking connection within fixed wiring installations.Tee modules can be connected to luminaires via a simple interlocking male to female connector system, these are then joined together using an interlink which can be adjusted to the correct distance between the modules.

Housed in a robust flame retardant casing, the module features fixing tabs that allow suspension within the ceiling void using cable ties, also making it suitable for mounting on cable trays and baskets.

Available in a variety of configurations to suit virtually every requirement, modules can be easily connected  using standard extender lead cables, allowing for the option of easy connection of switching luminaires, dimmable luminaires and emergency luminaires.

Rob Crookes, Systems Product Manager at CP Electronics, explained: “With increased pressures to deliver projects both on time and within budget, the availability of ‘plug and play’ solutions goes some way to addressing the concerns of installers and specifiers. Our new range of modular wiring products are ready to use and available from stock, saving valuable time and money on installation, in turn helping to enhance overall profitability.”

For further information, please visit: http://www.cpelectronics.co.uk/energy-saving-products/modular-wiring-solutions/

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