Course helps prevent legionella

Logic Certification’s Legionella Prevention and Water Treatment course is designed for operatives involved in the installation and maintenance of hot and cold water storage and service supplies.
The course equips candidates with a thorough understanding of the legionella bacteria: how it is formed, the associated health risks and how it can be prevented using chemical water treatments. It also enables them to understand their duties and obligations as laid out in the approved code of practice and guidance document L8 produced by the Health & Safety Executive.

For those in charge of the management of water systems, there is a version of this course that provides the necessary skills to carry out this task effectively, including Legionella risk assessment.

Both versions take one day and cost in the region of £200. The following topics are covered:

• General information for employers and owners of residential accommodation

• Water regulations and ACoP L8

• Risk assessment of hot and cold water systems

• The risks associated with hot and cold water systems

• Water treatment and legionnaires’ disease

• Physical disinfection

• Chemical disinfection including the use of bleach, chlorine, chlorine dioxide and silver hydrogen peroxide.

Logic Certification and Sentinel, manufacturers of Aquadosa, a water treatment product, have collaborated to create this course using Sentinel products for demonstration purposes.

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