Cottesloe School puts Herald boilers at the heart of its energy plans

Cottesloe School, based in the picturesque village of Wing close to the Leighton Buzzard in Buckinghamshire, is attened by over 1,000 secondary students.

Originally designed as a secondary modern school for 300 pupils in the 1950’s, the school has gone through a number of expansions and upgrades in recent years to keep up with the demand for its highly rated services. It is heavily oversubscribed so the management team are currently considering plans for another new building to increase capacity.

Business Manager Nicola Hulland is also determined to improve the E rating the school received during its 2012 Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). As a result, five new Herald floor standing condensing boilers, supplied by manufacturer Lochinvar, were installed last year to improve comfort conditions for students and staff as well as helping to manage energy usage.

The Herald boilers, from Banbury-based Lochinvar, were part of a remodelling of the plant room that serves the main school building, and Ms Hulland described them as “now an integral part of the school”.

Lochinvar’s condensing Herald boilers are available in eight models offering outputs from 41 to 221kW. Each model features a 316L stainless steel heat exchanger that greatly improves resistance toi corrosion and is supported by a 10 year warranty. They also offer very low NOx emissions of 39mg/kWh, which means they qualify for the maximum three BREAAM points available- providing another environmental benefit in line with the school’s wider ambitions.

All models in the Herald range also meet the requirements of the European Energy Related Products (ErP) directive, which encourages replacement of traditional boilers with high-efficiency, condensing technology. They are capable of working at high operating pressures as high as 11bar and can deliver temperatures  up to 88degC at Delta T  of 30degC. They also employ pre-mix burners with 5:1 turndown to closely match demand patterns and enhance operating efficiencies even under part-load conditions.

“The Lochinvar boilers have been operating very well for over a year, and we are delighted with both their reliability and energy efficiency” said Ms Hulland.

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