Cost effective protection

The Stopgel-Antifreeze range of ready to use cables from electric temperature maintenance specialist Flexelec have been specifically designed to protect metal piping against freezing – something we all know about this winter!

Fitted along the length of a metal pipe, Stopgel-Antifreeze cables feature a thermostat incorporated at the end of the cable pre-set to 5°C so that the heating is only activated when the temperature falls below this.  As a result, combined with their 5x7mm flat section for excellent heat transfer and a power rating of just 15 W/m, Stopgel-Antifreeze cables are very economical to run and represent an effective low cost solution to prevent pipes from freezing in both industrial and domestic applications.

Stopgel-Antifreeze is supplied as a complete kit in a practical point-of-sale box, which includes the heating cable with one metre long power supply section at one end, electrical connection plug and fitting accessories, making installation quick and simple.  The cables operate at 230 V – 50Hz in temperatures between -30°C to 80°C.

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