Cool-Therm solves critical issues

Cool-Therm Ltd is championing the adoption of a new generation of ultra green Turbomiser chillers based on HFO refrigerants.

The award winning company believes that the chillers, which run on HFO1234ze, offer the best solution to the industry’s twin requirement for improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Ken Strong, Managing Director, says: “HFO1234ze has a Global Warming Potential of just 6 compared with 1300 for the common HFC refrigerant R134a. It is effectively 217 times less damaging than today’s mainstream refrigerant, making it much more environmentally responsible.

“When coupled with the inherent energy efficiency of Turbomiser, it offers industry and end users a proven solution, delivering reduced carbon emissions, lower running costs and safeguarding the environment.”

Now that the cost of HFO refrigerant has fallen in line with other gases, the company believes it will start to displace sales of equipment based on more harmful gases.

Cool-Therm launched the HFO Turbomiser at a series of exhibitions this autumn, including the CIBSE Building Services Exhibition in London. Trials suggest that the energy efficiency of the new HFO systems compares favourably with Turbomiser systems running on R134a.

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