Cool down with Zafiro

Johnson Controls has launched Zafiro – a Eurovent A-Class water-cooled scroll chiller – specifically designed for optimum efficiency, easy installation and reduced energy costs.
Zafiro is the first R410A water-cooled chiller, using scroll compression, in the UK to achieve A-Class efficiency levels. Capable of many applications from air conditioning to process cooling through to heat pump and heat recovery, it can produce chilled water from +15?C down to -12?C while working with condenser water temperatures ranging from +18?C to +50?C.

Available in 14 different models ranging from 188kW to 580kW, Zafiro has been designed with the environment in mind. Not only does it use an ozone-friendly refrigerant, it performs with minimum sound and vibration, with recorded operating sound values as low as 64dB(A) – equivalent to normal conversation levels.

Zafiro incorporates the latest scroll compression technology, which helps generate high part load efficiencies. The unit’s compressors run constantly at full load and therefore, do not suffer reduced efficiency levels at part load. As a result, it boasts European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) values as high as 7.24.

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