Controller offers savings

Kanmor Control Systems has introduced an additional Boiler Controller type 264e to complement the current type 262e, which features weather compensation and typical associated fuel savings of between 10-18% when compared with systems employing thermostats alone. 

The 262e and 264e Boiler Controllers offer the very latest in sequential boiler control for either two or four boiler systems, with both units having the most up to date application software. The result is a list of very interesting benefits and savings for both the building owners and the occupants.

Firstly, the 264e can control the water temperature into heating systems with up to four boilers. During the heating season the system target water temperature is often able to be satisfied by firing just one or two of the boilers (unless the conditions require maximum heat then all four boilers would be employed).  Also, the boilers are automatically rotated equalising the wear and tear on the boilers.  This increases reliability as well as life expectancy of the plant.

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