Controller has the power

The new high performance CentraLine Tiger controller has the power to ensure a comfortable, healthy indoor environment, with minimal energy consumption and equipment wear. With 76 inputs/outputs, it can manage all the HVAC needs of small to medium sized buildings such as offices, schools, health centres, leisure centres and public buildings – and even systems using a variety of energy sources including solar heating.

CentraLine Tiger employs the LONWORKS communication standard, so it is future-proof, and was developed by Honeywell, a global HVAC leader.

Tiger dramatically reduces planning, commissioning and installation effort for individual applications. The control software is embedded, with hundreds of different selectable applications and parameter settings. Carefully selected defaults settings minimise start-up time. Operation is well-structured and self-explanatory, aided by a clear backlit display that is easy to read, even under poor lighting conditions.

It provides buswide access to all datapoints, status and alarm information, all in plain language. External operating interfaces can also be used.

Tiger can be installed in a control panel door or on a DIN rail inside, with or without its integral operator terminal.

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