Control in the classroom

RIDI Lighting has launched its next generation education lighting control product and its recent installation, through Reavey & Son Electrical of Southampton, has passed the test at Burnham Copse primary school in Tadley, Hampshire.

Designed to deliver outstanding energy efficiency, as well as the optimum learning environment, whatever the external conditions, Class Control, developed in conjunction with Hampshire County Council, offers staff at Burnham Copse the ability to alter the lighting conditions to match the task in hand – be it glare free concentration on the interactive whiteboard or for general teaching. 

Class Control uses a tailored control interface based on DALI protocol to allow swift and simple alteration of lighting levels via either a handheld remote control or wall mounted touch panel.  Daylight sensors automatically increase or decrease output when external conditions change and absence recognition – making for a potentially significant reduction in energy consumption.

Because each of the core elements of RIDI’s Class Control system is designed to ensure maximum lighting efficiency, its specification can make a meaningful contribution to a school’s BREEAM rating.  On a regular secondary school installation, 2.66 points can be regularly achieved.

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