Continuous hot water

Rinnai’s Infinity 16i Continuous flow water heater is designed to meet the hot water needs of domestic and light commercial applications, offering reduced levels of energy usage and harmful emissions.

The 16i provides a constant flow of safe hot water via accurate temperature control with a delivery capacity of 15.2 litres per minute. Water temperatures can be pre-set through easy-to-use built in digital controls, eliminating the risk of scalding and eradicating the need for thermostatic mixing valves.

Weighing just 18kg and measuring less than 675mm high and with a width of 139mm the Rinnai Infinity 16i is an ideal solution for almost all applications – cafés, pubs and restaurants, hotels, leisure centres, offices, shops and hairdressers, small industrial units and residential sites.

The larger Rinnai 26i continuous flow water heater is the company’s best-selling water heater worldwide. The 26i is designed for internal installation and has a flow rate of 19.6 litres/min, raised at 33°C, making it an ideal solution for any light commercial property.

All Rinnai internal water heaters are room-sealed, power flue appliances.

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