Conserving energy the Kingfisher way

Introducing the Intelux range of lighting control systems by Kingfisher Lighting. Designed for HID systems (SON / Metal Halide) and wirewound control gear, the Intelux system allows the user to switch or dim their lighting to suit their requirement.

Commenting on the system, Matthew Harding, sales director for Kingfisher states: “The energy costs of lighting a medium sized car park for 12 hours a night, 365 days a year can be a sizeable amount. With the Intelux system you could dim the lighting for six out of the 12 hours and half your energy consumption.  Based on the annual savings on your energy bill, you could pay back the cost of the system within two years.”

The Intelux system works by reducing the power being fed to the lighting circuits. Depending on the lamp type selected, power can be reduced to 150v resulting in a reduction to 30% of the original lighting levels. Assuming that the reduced lighting level is within the parameters of the relevant lighting standard, the potential energy savings can be significant.

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