Condensate pump from Glow-worm

Glow-worm has launched a condensate pump to further enhance siting flexibility on its expanding range of High Efficiency domestic heating boilers – the newest addition being the Flexicom range.
The condensate pump improves the siting options for all Glow-worm condensing boilers, allowing them to be installed in places with restricted access to condensate drains – a basement, for example.

Once connected, the condensate from the boiler is fed into the pump where it is stored. Once the fill-level is reached, the reservoir pump will discharge the condensate in one go. In the unlikely event of the condensate pump becoming too full, the overflow safety switch will shut the boiler down and the pump’s LED display will go red to indicate a fault.

The new Glow-worm condensate pump is compatible with every boiler in its High Efficiency range but it shares a number of similarities with Glow-worm’s latest addition – the Flexicom range as it is a compact product and amazingly flexible.

There are many features and benefits to the new Glow-worm Condensate Pump. It is ideal for sites where the installation site is remote from the waste drain system.

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