Condensafe neutralises acidic condensate in commercial boilers

Sentinel Condensafe C4000 safely and effectively neutralises harmful acidic waste from commercial condensing boilers.
Figure 1. Sentinel Condensafe C4000 safely and effectively neutralises harmful acidic waste from commercial condensing boilers.

The discharge of acidic water from commercial condensing boilers not only has a damaging environmental impact, but can contribute to the contravention of water authority guidelines. In response, water treatment specialist Sentinel Commercial has developed a simple to install in-line unit, Sentinel Condensafe C4000, to safely and effectively neutralise harmful acidic waste from commercial condensing boilers, thus helping businesses to protect the environment and underline their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Modern condensing boilers achieve high efficiencies by utilising waste heat from hot flue gases to pre-heat water in the boiler, rather than exhausting those gases through the flue. While this process reduces the energy consumption of a condensing boiler, the cooling flue gases cause the formation of an acidic condensate with a pH of around 4.0. Often, acidic condensate is simply discharged into the foul drain, which in turn ends up in sewers and watercourses.

Considering that a typical, small commercial condensing boiler will produce approximately 4,000 litres of condensate a year, the impact of such acidic condensate discharges on the environment can be significant. In fact, official guidance in many countries requires effluent to be discharged to municipal sewers and watercourses at between pH 6.5 and 10.0. This is to protect micro-organisms used in biological purification processes in local water treatment plants or septic tanks, and reduce damage to the drainage system infrastructure and environment as a whole.

Thankfully, harmful acidic condensate can be prevented from going into discharge with Sentinel Condensafe C4000. This innovative unit contains a special medium that makes condensing boilers more environmentally friendly by effectively and easily neutralising acidic concentrate. Highly cost-effective, one Sentinel Condensafe C4000 device will neutralise 4,000 litres of ‘typical’ condensate discharge, and features an easily replaceable unit to ensure continuous results.

As well we being environmentally friendly, Sentinel Condensafe C4000 is also designed with installers in mind, and every care has been taken to ensure that installation and servicing is as easy as possible. For example, a simple in-line unit, Sentinel Condensafe C4000 is suitable for use with all types of condensing boiler. In addition, the product’s cartridge is designed to fit into a standard 40mm ABS/PCVu waste pipe drain and is fitted with universal couplers to accommodate all makes of 40mm O/D plastic pipe.  Such features ensure that the unit can be changed easily when exhausted.

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