Condensafe goes commercial

With environmental concerns currently topping industry agenda Watermatic has developed another innovative product to maintain sympathy with the environment. Condensafe is designed for all commercial applications to eliminate the environmental impact of acidic discharges from condensing boilers and water heaters that reach the wastewater handling systems of all UK utility companies.
A year on from the success of sister company Salamanders Condensafe launch to the domestic market, Watermatic has now adapted the product for commercial use. Salamander’s Condensafe was the first ‘in line’ product on the market designed to provide a sensibly-priced, fast and easy solution to acidic condensate and has proved popular with heating engineers and homeowners alike by playing a part in maximising the positive effect of high efficiency condensing boilers on the environment.

Using similar technology, the Watermatic Condensafe works by instantly changing the condensate from pH 4 (medium strength acid) to between pH 7 to 8.5 (near – neutral) making condensing boilers even more environmentally friendly. It can be mounted into the condensate drain from a boiler/water heater plant room either at the same time as the boiler is installed or retrospectively.

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