Condair from Axair Climate

The new Condair SH2 humidifier from Axair Climate is ideal for use in HVAC systems for offices, industrial and residential applications, offering low energy consumption and low cost of ownership.
The Condair SH2 features a patented humidifier box, which enables more efficient humidification than existing systems, using flame-resistant polyester mats with a V-shaped profile that intensifies air to water exchange. Use of synthetic fibre mats in this way not only eliminates any risk to health it also provides increased durability and longer life compared to cellulose mats.

The SH2 is available in two configurations: Flow with direct water drain and ReFlow with circulation pump and drain valve.

Cost of ownership is greatly reduced by the ability of the unit to use untreated tap water, so there is no need for additional water treatment. The unit is also designed for fast servicing, with easy access to all parts. The units are designed for use with single phase mains supply.

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