Concord is a picture of success

As part of the launch of its new brand identity, ITV plc has recently refurbished and upgraded the reception area of its Central London headquarters and studios. The new design and layout reflects the colourful new ITV brand identity, with a new LED lighting scheme, featuring Concord’s award-winning Beacon luminaires, adding style, performance and energy efficiency to the area.

Developed by the in-house creative team, ITV’s colourful new brand identity can now be seen across the whole of the ITV network, including the complete system of channels,, and ITV Studios’ Central London television studio complex.

Located on the South Bank, the twenty-two-storey building is set on 2.5 acres of land and London-based electrical contractor, T Clarke, who has been working at the site for twenty three years maintaining the lighting and electrical systems, was tasked with lighting the new reception area. Working with Ian Phillips at Indigo Design, a London-based interior designer with a long-standing relationship with ITV, they have come up with a lighting scheme that uses track and spotlighting to great effect.

“For installation reasons, and due to the versatility it offers, we used track lighting as our main light source,” says Ian Phillips. “While that sounds like a safe option, with the addition of Concord Beacon Projector and Muse spotlights, we were able to inject creativity and drama into the scheme. We have used a ‘framing’ version of Beacon Muse which has allowed us to shape the beam into squares and rectangles rather than relying on the ubiquitous wall wash look which is common to track and spot lighting schemes.”

Beacon Muse Projector is Concord’s latest addition to its multi-award winning Beacon Muse range. Combining the exemplary Beacon housing with high output 26W cutting-edge LED chip technology, Beacon Muse Projector is one of the smallest architectural LED projectors on the market at just 190mm in length. The ‘framing’ version has four adjustable arms to allow the beam to be customised and shaped – whether into square, rectangular or irregular forms.

In addition to the Beacon Muse luminaires, the ITV lighting scheme is also controlled by a Havells-Sylvania lighting control system. Simple to use and programme, the control system has pre-set scenes for day and night-time with easy override for maximum flexibility.

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