Comprehensive climate solutions

Zehnder understands the challenges facing architects and specifiers when designing indoor climate solutions for new or refurbished school buildings and has an unrivalled collection of heating, cooling and air filtration solutions.

Tailored to the energy, architectural and style requirements of each individual project their comprehensive range of energy-efficient products and systems can meet the requirements of all school projects.

The Zehnder range comprises low surface temperature and panel radiators for standard classroom use; a series of radiant heating and cooling panels which offer an energy efficient, all-in-one package for summer and winter operation in classrooms and sports halls; trench heaters for discreet and effective heating, particularly in glass fronted locations, and the Zehnder Clean Air Solutions system which helps create a clean and healthy environment for woodwork classrooms.

Where renewable energy technologies and efficiencies are a key concern the new Zehnder ComfoBox provides the answer. A ground source heat pump and ventilation device in one it is capable of delivering all the building services required for a school: heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water production, from one single unit.


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