Complete control with Ridi

Ridi Lighting is set to shake up the commercial lighting world with the launch of its comprehensive lighting control package, Control3.  Designed to offer maximum energy and cost efficiency, the new Ridi system easily ensures total compliance with Part L building regulations, as well as absolute end-user convenience.
A software based control system, using standard TCP/IP, as well as DALI, Control3 gives you complete access to your building systems from a single interface.  Simple both to use and install, Control3 allows individual building users to manage their own environment via a PC pop-up or wireless control, as well as the system making use of the existing data network and manual control switches.
Incorporating daylight detection, absence recognition and scheduled switching, Control3 eliminates unnecessary energy use but also brings significant aesthetic benefits.  Connected to Ridi’s Dynamic Daylight luminaires, Control3 is able to reflect external conditions – to mimic natural daylight or even create the appearance of a bright summer’s day when, in reality, the natural light is dull and grey.  Instantly adjustable, Control3 is designed to increase worker comfort, reduce fatigue and, therefore, increase productivity.

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