Competence in control

New from Bitzer is their 24 page publication entitled ‘Competence in Capacity Control’. This comprehensive document discusses alternative approaches to effective capacity control within refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
These are usually over designed in order to cope with maximum operating conditions, leaving potential for energy wastage when operating in everyday intermediate operating conditions.

The publication looks at alternative approaches to implementing effective capacity control in order to maximise system efficiency. It discusses system costs, operating reliability, Coefficient of Performance and how to ensure close and accurate control. It also looks closely at the best alternative methods of control, subject to the type of compressor used within the system.

Bitzer has many years’ experience in the application of reciprocating, scroll and screw compressors. The company has continuously played a leading role in the development of advanced procedures for effective capacity control and it is this experience which has resulted in the new publication.

It is an essential guide for all refrigeration and air conditioning system operators, installers and engineers.

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