Compact room sensors

Established across mainland Europe as a source of innovative controllers enabling KNX engineers to make best use of the open protocol to design more intelligent buildings, Theben is making its products and technical support services more easily available in the UK through its London-based daughter company Timeguard Ltd.

The flagship square detection fields of the Compact Office ceiling-mounted presence detectors have been chosen for major UK infrastructure projects, where there is a need to achieve energy efficiency while catering for flexible and often unpredictable working patterns.

The square pattern of the detectors gives full coverage without overlap, so reducing the total number of detectors needed and making planning a lot more straightforward. With two outputs, these controllers can be used to control two lighting groups, either switching lights on and off or maintaining constant lighting levels. Master-slave configurations give designers maximum flexibility in planning detection areas and lighting zones.

The features packed into the stylishly-designed Compact Office detectors belie its small size:  maximum dimensions of the installed product are 102.5mm2, mounted on a 70mm2 assembly plate.

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