CP Electronics has launched the new EBDSPIR, a compact ceiling mounted presence detector that can be mounted flush into a ceiling tile or alternatively on the surface of the ceiling using a fast fix detector box.
Utilising passive infrared (PIR) detection, the EBDSPIR detector monitors the zone and will switch on when occupancy is detected, or off when the area is vacated following a preset time. The time delay is adjustable between 10 seconds and 30 minutes and, if there is sufficient natural light, a built-in photocell will keep the lighting switched off.

The EBDSPIR is also available in an infrared version which allows the user to override the settings.

Designed to complement the wide range of sensors in CP’s product range, the EBDSPIR is simple to install and has no external control boxes, which dramatically reduces installation time.

The sleek housing of the EBDSPIR means that the product can be easily installed into narrow ceiling voids, whilst the reduced head size makes the unit unobtrusive.

The EBDSPIR is ideal for lighting, heating or ventilation applications within schools, offices, hotels, toilets or retail installations.

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