Compact district heating

AquaMicro is Alfa Laval’s newest product for the District Heating market; a self-contained sub-station designed for apartments and ready for connection to a suitable district-heating network.
One of the market-leaders in District Heating globally, Alfa Laval developed the AquaMicro to provide efficient and safe hot water heating. Hot water from the district heating system is used to heat the water in the apartment indirectly via a plate heat exchanger, equipped with acid-resistant stainless steel plates. Since the water is heated only as and when required, the hot water is always as fresh as the incoming, cold water.

AquaMicro incorporates a patented temperature control system which regulates the temperature of the hot water irrespective of the volume or frequency with which the system is used. The unit is small enough to be wall-mounted and is designed for minimal service or maintenance and a long working life, with all essential parts manufactured to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards.

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