Compact assembly saves time

Honeywell has launched a time-saving water supply assembly for multi-occupancy buildings. The MTA06 has a lower cost than all competing similar assemblies and helps consultants by simplifying specifications while making installation easier and faster.
In one compact device the Honeywell MTA06 provides the four functions needed for the point of water entry into an apartment: shut-off, strainer, pressure reduction and backflow protection by means of a double check valve.
The pressure reducing valve in the assembly is the popular Honeywell balanced low noise D06, which has sold over 15 million units. It maintains a constant ideal pressure to protect water installations from high supply pressures, irrespective of supply pressure and height, so reduces leaks, corrosion and water consumption. It features easy maintenance, due to its cartridge design.
A fine sieve filter protects the water installation. It is easily cleaned by opening the bowl.
The reliable shut-off valve provides easy isolation of the supply to the residence, for maintenance or periods of non-occupation. The double check valve protects the mains supply against backflow from the apartment. The assembly also includes a connection for a manometer.
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