Compact and reliable

Hire specialist, Watkins Hire, can now offer customers even more choice when specifying temporary heating and hot water solutions following the launch of the HeatGen 22, a 22kW electric heating and hot water boiler to the company’s extensive hire range.

Compact and easy to connect to existing pipework using flexible hoses, the Watkins Hire HeatGEN 22 can deliver 22kW LPHW (low pressure hot water) of heating and hot water from 35°C to 85°C. The unit features a distinctive integral plate heat exchanger which keeps the primary and secondary water circuits separate.  For the end user, this means that any contaminants in the water system that could affect performance are prevented from entering the unit, enhancing reliability.

Speed of installation is also a key benefit of the HeatGEN 22, enabling Watkins Hire to put a fast, fuss-free solution in place in any boiler breakdown situation. The unit has automatic air relief valves on the primary and secondary heating circuits for efficient air removal during commissioning. Another unique feature is an integral single phase power supply, which allows a secondary circulating pump to be connected to the unit without any additional wiring.

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