Committed to efficiency

With rising fuel prices and legislation changes placing greater demand on businesses to be more energy efficient, Ideal Boilers has responded by adding four new models to its market leading range of Imax xtra high efficiency condensing appliances.
Specifically introduced to meet increasing market demand for HE condensing boilers in the 320-560kW output range, the new additions build on the initial six models launched last year, providing even higher output and cost-effective solutions for all commercial and industrial heating applications.

Features of the four new Imax xtra boilers, which range from 320kW to 560kW in 80kW increments, include a compact design and quiet operation for easy siting in small boiler rooms. High operating efficiencies and low Nox emissions are achieved at both full and part loads, with non condensing efficiencies of up to 97.7% nett (88% gross cv) at 80oC flow and up to 107.5% nett (96.9% gross cv) at 30% load in condensing mode.

Built around a robust cast aluminium heat exchanger, each model comprises two modules within one boiler, which operate down to a combined minimum modulation (20%-25% model dependent).

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