Combustion controls

The ETC6000 series of Integrated Burner Management and Fuel Air Ratio Controllers from energy Technology & Control offer effective flexible solutions to a wide range of industrial burner applications.   Installing or upgrading to electronic controls such as the ETC6000 can realistically achieve energy savings of 10% over conventional mechanically linked systems. Increasing fuel efficiency also reduces harmful flue gas emissions.
Using state of the art electronics and a comprehensive range of CANbus networked ancillary devices, four fuel profile curves can be set utilising up to ten servo motors and two VSD controlled drives.
Other features such as oxygen trim, setback and boiler sequencing further enhance fuel savings and associated emissions reduction benefits.
The ETC6000 controls comply with the latest European Standards and are also UL listed. In addition, ETC equipment is listed under the Energy Technology List (ETL) and is eligible under the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme that enables companies to claim tax relief against the purchase and installation of equipment for new or refurbishment projects.
A 10.4″ touchscreen has recently been introduced which perfectly complements the ETC6000 range.

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