Combined units for busbar risers

A unique combined busbar tap-off unit and fused cut-out distribution board has been developed by Eaton engineers to provide power for dwellings in high-rise apartment blocks.  It has been designed in collaboration with engineers from a London Borough for a refurbishment programme   Each tap-off unit incorporates the supply authority’s cut-out fuses for up to 21 flats.  

Special sliding joints have also been developed so that the in-line tap-off units can be removed easily from the riser if necessary for maintenance or upgrading at some future date.


Traditionally, specifiers call for separate enclosures incorporating R-Type fuses as service cut-out units.  These are then connected via multiple cable runs from the ground floor or from busbar risers.  By combining the tap-off unit and supply authority’s fuse distribution board into a single unit, installation time is reduced and less space is required.


The approach also means that the cut-out fuses are located outside the flats in a secure enclosure, accessible to authorised persons only.  The enclosures are fully shrouded and sealable, and are themselves housed in locked riser cubicles.

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