Comark extends capability

The development of a new RF515 Multi-parameter Transmitter means that Comark’s advanced RF500 Wireless Monitoring System can now be used for almost any data monitoring application in virtually any industry.

The RF500 System was originally developed to assist companies to achieve legislative compliance and uses the very latest mesh networking and bi-directional communications technology to achieved unprecedented levels of data integrity and reliability whilst monitoring temperature and humidity levels in critical areas.

The introduction of the new multi-parameter transmitter means the same exceptional performance advantages can now be extended into many industrial, process and building services applications. The new transmitter operates within the 4 to 20mA and 0 to10V ranges and is designed for use with various sensors to provide totally reliable 24/7 monitoring of a wide range of factors such as pressure, gas, flow, level, dissolved oxygen and CO2 as well as many other user defined parameters.

The RF500 system uses a network of remote transmitters to collect the data and transmit it to a Gateway Unit where it can be viewed as graphs or tables for instant analysis and for permanent records.

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