Colt scores a hat trick

Colt International has scored at Highbury Square, a new residential development built on the site of Arsenal Football Club’s old stadium, with a hat trick of products. Colt has been awarded the complete package associated with the smoke ventilation of the corridors and staircases, in a project valued at over £600,000.
Six-storey Highbury Square is centred around the old football pitch, which has become a communal garden, with Arsenal’s new home – Emirates Stadium just a goal kick away.
“Colt’s OPV control network allows centralised monitoring, a key requirement of this project”, explains Simon Angold at M&E Contractor N G Bailey. “The company’s vast experience in shaft ventilation and smoke detection, along with its ability to provide a total solution package, made Colt the ideal supplier for this high profile project.”
Colt EN OPV (One Per Vent) is an intelligent electronic control system that enables all addressable equipment to be integrated within a total smoke control system. Offering flexibility, addressability, monitoring and diagnostics, EN OPV conforms to the latest standards and provides accurate and complete control with low maintenance and minimal power requirements.
In addition to controls and detection, Colt is providing AOVs (automatic opening vents), Doorman individually addressable and controllable door actuation systems, Defender motorised smoke and fire dampers, as well as cross-corridor fire door magnetic latching systems.

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