Colt beats F-Gas

Colt International has developed WRF (Water and Refrigerant Flow) – a revolutionary air conditioning system designed to meet the environmental requirements of both current and future building regulations, including F-Gas. Colt is launching WRF as a viable alternative to VRF and VRV air conditioning, combining their advantages with a safe and flexible water-based system.

The Colt Caloris is a typical example of a WRF system, based on reverse cycle water source heat pump technology. It uses water as its main energy transfer medium instead of refrigerant. Local units are linked together by this neutral temperature water loop to form a complete system. Refrigerant charge is minimal and local to the Caloris unit, so it is not dispersed throughout the building. In the unlikely event of a refrigerant leak, only a small amount would discharge from the unit, as opposed to from the whole system as with other forms of air conditioning.

The Caloris WRF system is highly flexible, allowing an unlimited number of units and piping lengths.

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