CMS distributes Regupol and Regufoam

CMS Vibration Solutions has developed an exclusive partnership with German manufacturer, BSW, to distribute the full range of high performing Regupol RAV and Regufoam products.
Designed to isolate vibrations and structure borne noise at source, the Regupol materials provide access to cost effective solutions for any industry sector.

Manufactured from polyurethane (PUR) bound rubber granulate materials, the Regupol products are environmentally friendly solutions. Available in six different grades, material selection depends on the required load bearing capacity along with natural frequency and creep characteristics.

Paul Lafone, Sales Director of CMS Vibration Solutions, comments: “The Regupol RAV range has been designed to cater for a wide range of loads, meaning that there is a suitable high quality material available for the most complex or simplest of projects. CMS Vibrations also provides bespoke products for all industry sectors and can manufacture products to exact industry requirements.”

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