Climate Wizard: the green alternative to air conditioning

With the increasing spotlight on the environment, globally laws are being introduced to ban the production of common air conditioning refrigerants. Some of them are being gradually phased out while others have already been banned. In this scenario, Facilities Managers and End-Users are more and more confused about which air conditioning plant would need replacement.

There is a common perception that refrigerants are the only way for effective cooling. There is one air conditioner, though, that does not need any chemical refrigerant to cool the air: Climate Wizard. Thanks to its hyper-efficient heat exchanger, Climate Wizard can cool at temperatures that rival those of traditional DX systems, only using water as the cooling medium.

Cooling with water, energy consumption is reduced up to 80%, compared to refrigerant based systems performing the same duty.
That’s not only great for reducing power bills; it’s also great for the environment.

And, no matter how hot it gets outside, Climate Wizard uses the same amount of power and still delivers 100% fresh, cool air inside. This is in direct contrast to refrigerated systems, which require increasing amounts of power as outside temperatures rise. Climate Wizard’s cost-saving capabilities increase, when the heat is at its highest.

At the same time, Climate Wizard’s performance also increases as temperatures rise – again, in complete contrast to refrigerated systems.
With Climate Wizard indoor air quality is vastly improved, since the systems delivers 100% fresh air from outside. The system is particularly suitable for industrial & commercial spaces, and completely versatile as a stand-alone configuration or as a pre-cooler for existing, where it can work in tandem with DX Coils or give the customer the option of removing refrigerant from their site completely.

Climate Wizard has already been adopted worldwide, including leading brands such as McDonald’s and Ford, but also by public facilities such as schools, Universities and hospitals.

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