Clients upgrade controls systems at AET Flexible Space under floor air conditioning installations

aet1AET Flexible Space under floor air conditioning systems have been installed at over a hundred sites across the UK dating back to the mid to late 1990’s. A number of the installations have required minimal upgrades or modifications to the original equipment specification, however recent developments in controls and communications components have led to significant improvements in the functionality of equipment, and subsequently full systems.

Clients such as Jaguar Land Rover, Tag Farnborough and Bloomberg have all opted to upgrade their existing systems with AET. After performing full system surveys it is evident that major controls upgrades would enhance the operation and energy efficiency thereby reducing running costs of the air conditioning systems. With services typically accounting for 50% of a buildings operating costs, this has significant financial implications over a long term period.

During major controls upgrades, redundant macroface PCB are removed from the CAM, and replaced with the latest macroface processor (flexface) and digital expansion PCB. The original hiromatic visual display units which allow access to the flexface are replaced with the latest flexmatic visual display units. The flexmatic can monitor up to sixteen (16) CAM units, or eight (8) if the system is configured with an external Building Management System (BMS).

aet2Fatronic controllers integrated into fantile units can be upgraded to the latest model to ensure full compatibility and functionality. These have been developed alongside the fantile to meet the demanding energy efficiency targets in the current office markets.  The controller now offers functions to operate AC or EC fans with 0-10v adjustment of fan voltage for EC fan control, minimum fan speed setting for heating, a run on feature for electric heating, setting of master/slave function amongst others.

Communications modules are upgraded from the pre-existing hirolink modules and replaced with flexgateway for modbus modules enabling the AET Flexible Space system to successfully communicate with principal house BMS such as that offered by Trend and other leading manufacturers. Flexvisor remote monitoring using an Internet Protocol (IP) address is also available allowing users easy adjustment for optimum operation. AET’s specialist service and maintenance team can recommend bespoke upgrade options depending on the original installation specification and current usage of the space. Contact us for more details.

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