Clean beams for hospitals

The Trox Design Bureau has developed a new range of chilled beams specifically for the health care market. The Clean Beams incorporate all the inherent advantages of standard chilled beams, together with features that make them ideal hygienic solutions. In particular they are easily maintained and cleaned without allowing room contaminants to migrate to and from the ceiling void or supply ductwork.
Ian Sams, Business Manager at Trox UK, said: Chilled beams work on a dry process, ensuring there is no moisture on the coil to allow dust and dirt to collect. That is very important for hygiene. Everything is accessible from the face of the beam, avoiding the need to climb up into an adjoining ceiling. When people move ceiling tiles, there is a danger of dirt being dislodged and falling into clean areas, contaminating them.

“We have also developed a hingeable coil. Rather than isolate the coil and take it out you can disconnect the far end of the coil and let it down on a guide wire to an angle of about 45 degrees, allowing you to clean it without stopping its operation.”

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